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There is also the matter of cost. Let’s face it; even with insurance, a doctor’s visit is crazy expensive. So a doctor’s excuse that we can individualize and print out at home can save a lot of money. Beyond the expense of the visit itself, there is also the matter of fuel and potentially the loss of wages. For the average person, the entire cost of a doctor’s visit can be equal to an entire day’s wage.

Another benefit to a fake doctor’s excuse, and likely the most common reason we use them, is the avoidance of penalties that we consider unfair, strict and otherwise unavoidable. A common example of this is the public school system. Many schools give kids just three days. Any unexcused absence beyond the third requires an additional day added at the end of the school year.

The Value of Downloadable Printable Doctor Notes

fake doctors notes

Downloadable and printable doctors’ notes, especially those that allow for great customization, are extremely valuable in certain situations. The most obvious benefit is that of time saved. Acquiring a real dr. note requires travel time, wait time and visit time. There can also be delays and rescheduling that significantly add to the time commitment.


Now, let’s consider some of the less obvious benefits. Many of us don’t want to feel bad for smokers. After all, they bring it on themselves. But if you think about how hard the government is cracking down on them, it is difficult not to feel bad for them at least somewhat. An unfortunate aspect of this crackdown is that employers are using it to their own benefit, reducing or eliminating smoke breaks. So many smokers have resorted to doctors’ excuses in order to get that precious time alone.

In our modern world, governments, schools, insurance companies, employers and other organizations have strict regulations. Many of these regulations, while understandable, cut into our freedoms and quality of life. A person only has so many options. You can fight it, but is it really worth that hassle? Fake doctor’s notes are a way to battle this imbalance passively, without the great risk of losing a full-frontal assault.

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Doctor Note Templates and the Common Scenarios

A doctor’s note is a message from a medical professional that provides you with an excuse. A doctor’s note template is a tool that you lets you create such a note rather than visiting a doctor and paying for one. In this article, we’ll look at the some of the most common reasons people use them:

• Day Off or Early Exit from School

Most public grade schools rely on attendance for government assistance, which is why they’re so strict about it. Many of them require a doctor’s excuse for any absence beyond the third. For the parent, that is a steep price to pay just to leave class early or to take a day off.

• Paid Sick Day

Most employers allow for sick days but are rather strict regarding paid sick days because of the expense associated with them. In fact, many require a doctor’s excuse, which makes sense for them but it is a significant burden on the average worker. It punishes good workers who are actually ill.

• Employment

Many employers require a physical before hiring. You might think that this is something they pay for, but in the current economic environment, many have begun to pass that expense onto the candidate. In this current job market that is simply an unfair burden on the person looking for work.

• College Extension

A college student may use a doctor’s note to get an extension on an assignment or a make-up date for an exam. Some students even use them so that they can schedule for their classes in advance.

• Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can be difficult and sometimes they request paperwork and proof just to challenge you and hope that your claim fades away. It is important to note that it can be against the law to use a fake doctor’s note when the insurance company has a right to request it.

• Pet Supplies

The Internet is a great resource for pet supplies because of the tremendous prices. Unfortunately, many of these online pet superstores require a vet’s note, which can offset the savings altogether.

• Pranks and Props

Using fake dr. notes is not always a serious proposition. They can serve as a prop in a great office joke. They can also serve as a prop in a student movie or a school stage play. Some people even frame them as interesting curiosities that can serve as conversation pieces.