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Doctor Note

What are Customizable Doctors' Notes?

In many facets of our lives, we face the challenge of proof. The most common example of this is the doctors’ excuses required for school absences and paid sick days. It’s no surprise then that the sale of doctors’ notes and note templates are at an all-time high.

What are fake doctor notes?

A doctor’s note is a document you receive from the doctor to prove that you visited with him or her. The cost of such a note is a medical visit. A blank doctor’s excuse is an alternative that costs much less and that you can fashion to look like the real thing by personalizing it.

Are printable doctor excuses expensive?

Printable doctors’ excuses are not expensive and there are free options available. Commercial notes are relatively inexpensive. The advantage to them is that you get much greater selection and many more customization options.

What are the most common uses for fake doctors’ excuses?

1. Time, Money and Hassle

Acquiring a real doctor’s note can be stressful as well as be a substantial drain on your money and time. A fake note is cheap and customizable in just a few minutes.

2. Excused School Day Off

Why waste your summer making up for those legitimate sick days?

3. Paid Sick Days

Many employers will give non-salary employees a paid sick day but they want proof. Unfortunately, the cost of that proof can offset the value of the paid sick day in the first place.

4. Bathroom and Smoke Breaks

In order to cut down on perceived costs, many employers are limiting smoke and bathroom breaks, as much as is allowed by law. An authentic doctors’ note can force them to give you more leniency.

5. Pranks and Gags

Doctors’ notes can be used for pranks in the office or at school. They also work quite well as props or even framed as an oddity or conversation piece.

6. Other Benefits

A doctors’ excuse can get you out of many scenarios not covered yet: anger management classes, physicals for employment, no glasses while driving and so forth.


A customizable doctor’s excuse can be an invaluable tool when used properly. There can also be severe ramifications when used improperly. Take some time to think about the scenario. What’s the worst possible outcome? Can you live with that? Only proceed if you can answer yes to that question.