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Kinds of Doctors Notes

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Common Fake Doctor Note Formats

Customizable doctors’ notes are prevalent these days due to increased regulation. For many people, they are the only solution to avoiding the high costs of an actual visit to the doctor. But not all fake doctor excuses are so serious, and some are even used for pranks and gags. With that in mind, we examine the various formats that are available online.

• Blank

A blank as-is doctor’s note is the most basic kind you can download. You can simply print it out and then fill in any information in the blanks, such as name, date, doctor’s signature and so forth.

• Editable

The better fake doctor’s note is editable beyond just filling in the blanks. This greater level of customization really sells it as authentic. Many websites even have online tools that let you edit the note via drag-and-drop functionality.

• Free vs. Paid

The big difference between free and paid-for doctors’ notes is that the free ones tend to be less customizable and be available in smaller selections. If you find what you need, however, they are just as good as any other.

• Replica

Replica is the term used to describe any printable doctors’ notes intended to be authentic and pass scrutiny. Usually, these are based on the actual notes used by real doctors in their offices.

• Vanity

Vanity notes, sometimes called gag, prop or prank notes, are the exact opposite of replica notes. With these notes, the emphasis is on fun and there is no attempt to achieve authenticity.

• Doctor’s Note

We’ve talked a lot about doctors’ notes, the kinds used by medical professionals. Although this format is most popular, it is only one of the types available and you should consider the alternatives:

• Dentist’s Note

The dentist’s note provides a nice change-up to the medical note. Additionally, we’re all supposed to visit the dentist at least twice a year, so you can explain it away much more easily.

• Funeral Excuse

Funeral parlors will often sign off on excuse letters for employment and flight reasons. There are also replica versions of these letters, and they tend to work quite well because most people are not eager to question them and seem rude.

• Jury Duty Excuse

Jury duty slips are another popular alternative to the classic doctor’s excuse note. These notes work quite well but don’t have the morbid aspect that the funeral excuse may have for some people.