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Doctors Note

A replica doctor’s note can be a handy way to meet an unfair requirement. Of course, using fake doctors’ excuses is not always consequence free.

Just as there are many benefits, there are many negatives as well. With that in mind, let’s examine the most common pluses and minuses.

Pluses and Minuses of Printable Doctors’ Notes

fake doctors note


The obvious benefit of a fake doctor’s excuse is that you can get out of school or work without paying the exorbitant cost of an actual medical visit. Even with medical insurance, an actual visit to the doctor can be incredibly expensive. That’s before factoring in fuel costs, loss of time and wage, and other factors. This is why using a replica note isn’t just about being lazy, cheap or dishonest. Often, it’s about having no other choice.

The other benefit of a fake doctor’s note is that you get to avoid the penalty of not having an actual note. If you can’t afford the actual note, what happens? In the workplace, you may be fired or you may get the sick day approved but without pay. In a school environment, the child may serve detention or even have to add an additional day onto the end of the year. In some severe cases, he or she may be expelled. So there are some rather stiff penalties that a doctor’s note template can help you overcome.


So what happens if you’re detected? Well, in a school environment the penalty will likely be rather minor, such as detention or community service. In a work requirement, being detected while using a replica doctor’s note will usually result in immediate termination. It’s important to note that in this day and age businesses have very little tolerance when it comes to this form of deceit.

In certain scenarios, the penalties can go far beyond termination, to criminal sentences, jail time and significant financial penalties. It can be especially risky to use a doctor’s note template during any process that involves the government. The government has harsh penalties and may decide to make an example out of you. Some adventurous souls have used fake dr. notes when dealing with insurance companies. This can be dangerous when the use crosses the line to insurance fraud. Insurance fraud can lead to long jail sentences and costly reparations.