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The Outcomes of Using Fake Doctor’s Excuses

If you’ve ever considered using a fake doctor’s note, then you’ve probably also considered the ramifications. A day off from school or a paid sick day sounds good. But what if you’re caught? It’s a great question, and you certainly don’t want to create this predicament without recognizing and accepting the worst-case scenario. You probably don’t want to lose your job or be expelled.

For students in public school, the good news is that there is usually very little risk when it comes to using a fake doctor’s excuse. It’s not illegal at any rate. You may serve detention or get a day of school added, but it certainly won’t be something that changes the course of your life. The school could expel you, but they generally reserve that punishment for repeat offenders.

Keep in mind that colleges, universities and even private grade schools are much different from public schools. They have their own set of rules regarding attendance. They may be stricter or even laxer. Whichever the case, you should know prior to making a decision. Some of these schools may have no-tolerance policies that result in you being tossed out of school immediate for using a fake dr. note.

Employees face a similar environment. It’s not illegal to use a fake doctor’s excuse in this environment but it generally will result in immediate termination. Consider that because of recent events in our history companies and other organizations have a very low tolerance concerning forgeries and the like. At best, the employer will deem it a severe and punishable lack of judgment.

People have used fake doctors’ note for insurance and similar purposes. Understand that this is a completely different ballgame. If it ventures into the realm of insurance fraud, then you are facing heavy financial penalties and perhaps even a criminal sentence. Do not use blank doctors’ notes in this kind of situation without investigating the negative possibilities thoroughly.

A good rule of thumb is to focus on the worst-case scenarios. The worst thing you can do is overlook an outcome because it may be unlikely. Identify the worst case and then ask yourself, can I handle that? Only if you can answer yes to that question should you consider going ahead and using a doctor’s note template.