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Advice for Printable Doctor Notes - If you’re thinking about using a fake doctor’s note for the first time, you probably have many questions and concerns. The following advice list should answer and assuage most of them.

• Do not use a replica doctor’s excuse in place of an actual one without forethought. The fact that you’re reading this is a good sign. Consider the ramifications and make your final decision based on the worst possible outcome rather than the one that is most convenient.

• On the Web, you can find a number of websites that help you identify fakes. Review these sites and learn from them. They’ll give you an idea of what you need to do in order to succeed.

• Likewise, there are a number of resources online with a library of official scanned documents. These collections often have actual doctors’ notes and similar excuses, and that can be invaluable. You can create an authentic-looking note if you’ve never seen an authentic note before.

• Do not settle for the first doctor’s note template that seems passable. Investigate at least several resources. Get an idea of what the different options are. Then, choose the one most appropriate to you.

• Do not underestimate the value of high-quality paper and a good well-conditioned printer. Take the time to clean the printer and toner cartridge. Replace the cartridge if you have not used it in a while.

• Do not be afraid to look beyond the classic doctor’s excuse. There is a wide range of effective options, including dentists’ notes, jury duty letters, vet notes, funeral parlor letters and so forth.

• Accentuate personalization. Those little personal touches are what make a passable note look like the real deal. Avoid notes that don’t allow for personal details. That will arouse suspicion.

• Before printing your completed doctor’s note, double-check it for mistakes. Print it out at least a day in advance. Then, fold it and walk around with it in your pocket to give it that weathered appearance.

• If you fear intense scrutiny and have still decided to go ahead with it, it is best to base your doctor’s note on a hospital visit, particularly a visit to the emergency room. The main reason for this approach is that it is much more difficult for work or school to authenticate the note over the telephone.